Advocacy and Education

SWFCB is dedicated to improving the lives of persons with vision loss in Lee County through advocacy and education.

SWFCB strives to empower its members to develop, exercise, and enjoy self-advocacy skills as they go forth into the community, make their voices heard, and work with community leaders to get the job done.

But this is only half the effort. There is also education: education of the public about the lives, capabilities, and dreams of persons with vision loss; education of public officials about the challenges that people with vision loss encounter on a daily basis and policies that remove barriers to living full and meaningful lives; and education of employers about the fears and misconceptions that often bar people with vision loss from even getting an interview and the often simple and not at all expensive accommodations that allow people with vision loss to flourish in the workplace and become valued and valuable employees.

Member Assistance

SWFCB Member Assistance Program SWFCB seeks to empower its members to most fully experience Council activities. To this end, SWFCB can assist members who might lack the financial wherewithal to pay for transportation, afford a Council meal, or attend a Council event. Members need only apply by phone or email to the President or Secretary. All applications, considerations, and financial assistance are kept strictly confidential.

GAP Assistance

SWFCB Gap Assistance Program (GAP) Some people with vision loss, because of age and/or employment status, might fall into gaps when it comes to acquiring services and/or equipment from agencies and organizations dedicated to assisting persons with vision loss. The Southwest Florida Council of the Blind, in order to help to fill this gap, is proud to offer residents of Lee County with vision loss the opportunity for limited financial assistance to obtain basic training and/or low-tech equipment that will markedly improve their lives. You do not have to be a member of SWFCB to apply for this assistance.

Scholarship Application

The Southwest Florida Council of the Blind is pleased to announce that we will once again be awarding the Lois A. Kilgore memorial scholarship to a visually impaired high school student in Lee County.

scholarship cover letter 2019
scholarship application 2019